Spotlight on exceptional craftsmen that bring to life MYEL jewelry

Spotlight on exceptional craftsmen that bring to life MYEL jewelry

The production of MYEL jewelry is ensured by a team goldsmiths in Montreal. A lot of the team members are family, and their skills and know-hows have been passed down from one generation to the next. Their reputation is rooted in their minute and impeccable work. With expert hands, some team members create the prototypes and sculpt the molds, while other are in charge of casting the metals and setting the stones. These partners are essential to the production of MYEL jewelry.

Joseph, 3D Designer

Joseph, our 3D designer transforms our designer’s designs into 3D models that will be used to create the molds used in production. He's been in Montreal for a while now but is originally from Syria. He defines himself as a 3D jewelry designer, a 3D characters sculptor and a jeweler.

I love when my customers rely on me for taking the right decisions of making their special jewelry line and sharing our experience together to get any hard or easy project done. I also love when I work on my own phenomenal jewelry designs. At the end, I would say that I love extremely when I do 3D sculpting of weird characters I feel that there is no limit to my ability of creating anything. Finally, I can say all that would not be done without listening to my favorite blues music!"

Phan, jeweler

Phan, our outstanding jeweller crafts the masters from Joseph’s 3D wax models, creates the molds for our jewels, casts them and is also in charge of the finishing touches. Phan has lived in Montreal since 1988 and works in his downtown studio with his brother and wife.

I like the fact that my occupation is an artistic profession. I have a passion about making the most beautiful jewelry that I can. Everything I create, I make it with love.


Benjamin, jeweler

Passionate about gems and minerals for as long as he can remember, Benjamin trained in France before moving to Montreal and opening his own workshop. He also teaches at the École de joaillerie de Montréal. Benjamin works with his wife Vassy and they are the ones who take care of our Fairmined gold jewelry collection!


Pierres de Charme, gemologist and gem dealer

It is from this mother and daughter run business that most of the fine and precious stones that adorn MYEL jewelry are purchased. Martine and Bénédicte, owners of Pierres de Charme, have a heart to unearth exceptional stones and to share their knowledge on the various gems. 


Ormex, Wholesale jewelry

Ormex is a real trustworthy partner for MYEL: they supply us with classic chains and hoop earrings crafted from 10 or 14 carat gold, always in a good mood and in a family spirit. 


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