Our Philosophy

The Myel Philosophy
MYEL offers high-end jewelry designed, imagined, and handmade in Montreal, Canada. We use the highest quality materials, and work with the most reputable vendors in the industry. From polishing to setting, every artisan we employ is as detail-oriented as we are, and are always considered experts in their domain.

With a focus on important details and the all-important finishing touch, our designs are built to last and age well in an ever-evolving world of style. We strive to create the new classics of modern jewelry — luxurious, but without pretension. For us, a jewel is timeless, a precious heirloom that will be cherished from generation to generation. 


Our values

should never fade. Our inspiration resides beyond ephemeral trends, as we want to offer you jewellery that is innovative yet timeless.

should be absolute towards our products. The durability of our jewellery is guaranteed by the experience of the craftsmen and the quality of the material used in the creation of each piece

should be as you see it. We create many different styles so that everyone can find something that corresponds to their own idea of beauty.

should be intensified by our creations. For us, wearing a piece of jewellery is a way to express who we are, and to share our true colours.

should always grow. We are proud to be a local company led by women and to contribute to the influence of Quebec internationally.