Our jewelry is designed and produced locally, in Montreal. At MYEL, we want to achieve 100% traceability for all of our products in the very near future. That's why we only use Ethical Stones when manufacturing our jewels such as Sapphires from Australia or from Montana, Brazilian Emeralds, Anthill Garnets or Lab-grown Diamonds. 

What you buy is what the industry will become.

More responsible diamonds

The Kimberly Process was established to ensure that the profits from the production and sale of diamonds do not fund civil wars in Africa. Therefore, the process was written to ensure that all diamonds are exported legally and not smuggled. However, this process is now 18 years old and have not been updated recently. They really need a reform to be as efficient as they should beAt MYEL, we think that today, this process is not enough to ensure we buy ethic diamonds that are aligned with our engagement and that we can do much better. For this reason, we now buy Lab-grown diamonds, which offer the same quality at a lower price than natural diamonds, while preserving the environment and well-being of people who produce them.

We want to provide our clients with ethical gemstones. This is why we only purchase stones ranging from categories 1 to 3 according to the Columbia Gem House Faire Trade Protocols.

What are the Columbia Gem House Fair Trade Protocols?

The Columbia Gem House protocols ensure that the production and sale of coloured gemstones are done legally. That is, they do not support civil wars, in addition to meeting several other criteria.

In addition to meeting the Kimberly Principles, the Columbia Gem House Fair Trade Protocols:

  • Guarantee country of origin;

  • Support local production through sales, then work on development projects in local communities;

  • Track gemstones throughout the cutting process to ensure that no workers are exploited or subjected to health risks;

  • Ensure full disclosure and clarity of any treatment performed on gems travelling under the Columbia Gem House "Fair Trade Gems®" brand.

In response to these difficulties, the fair trade protocols have been separated into 5 distinct categories. At MYEL, we only purchase categories 1 to 3 that ensure the most ethical stone possible.

  • Gemstones are traced back to a specific mine.

  • Either Columbia Gem House mines the stones itself, or it enters into formal agreements with the producer that all the Fair Trade Gem Principles for the workers and the environment have been met.

  • Columbia Gem House visits the mine, legally exports the gems and cuts them themselves.


  • The origin of the gems is traced to a specific broker or miner who guarantees that the rough comes from a known region of the country of origin.

  • The supplier understands and supports the fair trade gemstone protocols that have been passed on to the miners and assures us that the rough supplied meets these standards.

  • The rough is legally exported and cut by Columbia Gem House.


  • The origin of the gemstones is traced to the legal and documented export of the rough from the country of origin.

  • Columbia Gem House works directly with the broker or miner to improve traceability to achieve level 2.

  • The stones are cut by Columbia Gem House.

We believe choosing quality over quantity is the most ecological choice there is. We only buy our gemstones from sources we know are ethically involved. We can trace the history of all our stones

Read more about our ethical gemstones :

Lab-grown Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds, also known as laboratory or cultured diamonds, are grown in highly controlled laboratories using advanced technological processes. They are identical to those mined from the earth, are cut and polished in the same way, and receive the same official certification of quality but at a much lower cost. Finally, the total environmental footprint of mined diamonds is much higher than that of laboratory diamonds. For all these reasons, at MYEL, we choose lab-grown diamonds to offer our client high-fine jewelry that respect the people and planet.

Lab grown diamonds

Montana Sapphires

The Montana Sapphires are incredible : their colour can range from blue, blue-green, to yellow-orange and pink. They are found in Montana State in the U.S and more precisely in three major areas in the western half of the state: Missouri River near Helena, Rock Creek in the Sapphire Mountains, and Dry Cottonwood near Deer Lodge.  At MYEL, we buy ethical Montana Sapphires that come from responsible mines.

Montana Sapphire

Australian Sapphires

Australia has high standards when it comes to ethical and environmental practices. This is why MYEL chose to source Australian Sapphires: the good working conditions and environmental awareness all make it possible to market ethical gemstones. The typical Australian sapphire is dark blue in color with strong green glints.

Australian Sapphire 

Brazilian Emeralds

The Brazilian emeralds that you can shop at MYEL come from mine located on a family farm, where respect for the land and the environment has always been an important matter there. For instance, the mine manager owns a degree in environmental engineering and the mine is totally responsible for reforestation.

Brazilian Emerald

Anthill Garnets

These beautiful and colourful stones were discovered by Native Americans long ago. They regarded them as special and sometimes sewed them into ceremonial rattles or gave them as tokens of appreciation. We called these stones "ant hill garnets" because they are found on and around the margins of ant hills. The ants haul the stones to the surface and discard them.

Anthill Garnet

Freshwater pearls

Pearls are the oldest known gems in the world. Freshwater pearls are formed in mussels which live in rivers or lakes. Triggered by a foreign body infiltrating their shell, mussels start a self-protection process by surrounding the intruder with several layers of nacre that will later form the pearl. One mussel can produce up to 40 pearls. The value of a pearl is determined by its shape, its luster, size, colour and shape.

freshwater pearls