Ethical Stones

Our jewelry is designed and produced locally, in Montreal. At MYEL, we want to achieve 100% traceability for all of our products in the very near future. That's why we only use Ethical Stones when manufacturing our jewels such as Sapphires from Australia or from Montana, Brazilian Emeralds, Anthill Garnets or Lab-grown Diamonds. 

What you buy is what the industry will become.

More responsible diamonds

The Kimberly Process was established to ensure that the profits from the production and sale of diamonds do not fund civil wars in Africa. Therefore, the process was written to ensure that all diamonds are exported legally and not smuggled. However, this process is now 18 years old and have not been updated recently. They really need a reform to be as efficient as they should be.

At MYEL, we think that today, this process is not enough to ensure we buy ethic diamonds that are aligned with our engagement and that we can do much better. For this reason, we now buy Lab-grown diamonds, which offer the same quality at a lower price than natural diamonds, while preserving the environment and well-being of people who produce them.

We want to provide our clients with ethical gemstones. This is why we only purchase stones ranging from categories 1 to 3 according to the Columbia Gem House Faire Trade Protocols.

What are the Columbia Gem House Fair Trade Protocols?

The Columbia Gem House protocols ensure that the production and sale of coloured gemstones are done legally. That is, they do not support civil wars, in addition to meeting several other criteria.

In addition to meeting the Kimberly Principles, the Columbia Gem House Fair Trade Protocols:

Guarantee country of origin;

Support local production through sales, then work on development projects in local communities;

Track gemstones throughout the cutting process to ensure that no workers are exploited or subjected to health risks;

Ensure full disclosure and clarity of any treatment performed on gems travelling under the Columbia Gem House "Fair Trade Gems®" brand.

In response to these difficulties, the fair trade protocols have been separated into 5 distinct categories. At MYEL, we only purchase categories 1 to 3 that ensure the most ethical stone possible.

“We believe choosing quality over quantity is the most ecological choice there is. We only buy our gemstones from sources we know are ethically involved. We can trace the history of all our stones.”