Preserving our environment and protecting biodiversity are values that resonate deeply in MYEL's heart.

A recent addition to MYEL is our "Quartz Animals" collection with 15% of the sales profits donated to supporting the noble mission of SNAP Québec, a non-profit organization committed to preserving Québec's nature.

MYEL puts its heart in every project

A few days ago, as part of this inspiring partnership, the MYEL team happily and devotedly volunteered their time on Île Sainte-Thérèse to help plant trees alongside the SNAP Québec team. 

Since autumn 2021, these environmental enthusiasts have been running an ecological restoration pilot project on this remarkable 540-hectare public land, nestled between the cities of Montreal and Varennes.

We helped plant 500 trees with the help of some thirty student volunteers.  This adds to the more than 15,000 trees already planted since this initiative began in 2021.

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