MYEL's 5 tips for a more ethical wedding

MYEL's 5 tips for a more ethical wedding

The environmental crisis has forced us to rethink our consumption habits in everyday life - we now recycle, compost, reuse shopping bags, and choose organic and local products whenever we can, find other ways of traveling like cycling, etc. We think being eco-friendly should not stop there! Even our most special moments in life could have a limited impact on our planet - such as your wedding day! Organizing a more responsible wedding is indeed a topic that concerns more and more future spouses. Here are our 5 tips for making more ethical choices and combining chic with ethics on the big day.

1. Rent or find a second-hand dress of your dream

The wedding dress is certainly an important part of your wedding preparation and choices are numerous : empire dress, sheath dress, princess dress, lace dress, short or long, white or coloured... Unfortunately, most dresses end up in the back of a closet after having been worn for only a few hours. If you are still wondering why you should choose a second-hand wedding dress or rent one for the ceremony, here are three reasons to convince you:

  1. Choosing a second-hand dress is a good way to honour your ecological commitment.

  2. The dress is usually one of the most important expenses. Renting or buying a second-hand piece that you love will help you save a considerable amount of money you can use for other things or just save up. Your bank account will thank you!

  3. Your dress will reveal a unique story, just like your love story!

If you are also looking for bridesmaids dresses or vintage accessories, do not hesitate to go shopping in Montreal’s different thrift stores. Here’s our list of online favorites and other shops to wander around:

  5. Effe, 207 Laurier O. av.
  6. Ruse, 5141 Saint-Laurent blvd.
  7. Seconde Vintage, 5274 St-Laurent blvd.
  8. Or even, your grandma's wardrobe!

2. A thoughtful venue

Choosing a venue for your love celebration should be done in advance and with care. In order to limit multiple back and forth and therefore your CO2 emissions, you can opt for a place close to where you and your partner’s family is located. If your guests arrive from different places? Choose a central destination and promote car sharing between guests to reduce the number of vehicles - also a good way for them to share gas costs and get to know each other!

A little extra: choose a place that can accommodate your guests on the evening of the party, so that you don't have to go back and forth between everyone's hotels and AirBnBs!

3. A seasonal green menu

A good party is nothing without a good meal - and excellent wine! We encourage you to choose a local caterer or chef who works with seasonal, local and if possible organic products. Here are some exemple: Zeste du Monde, Miss Prêt à Manger, Robert Alexis, Les filles Fattoush, Castel Franco, etc. Again, choosing a nearby company will help reduce car trips. Make sure you know the exact number of guests so you don’t waste food. And why not be original and try vegetarian options as appetizers?

The reason you should want to get married tomorrow? The beautiful and delicious wedding cakes from Patisserie Rhubarbe - and everything else on their menu once you’re at it!

4. Seasonal flowers

Flowers are an essential element of decoration to make your day memorable. If this is possible, go for seasonal flowers grown in your region or even garden - if that is possible! The MYEL team has fallen in love with the delicate and gorgeous choice of flowers from the Prune les Fleurs boutiques in Montreal, Laval and Québec and the beautiful floral arrangements of Flavstr. For vases, get creative and hunt for gorgeous vintage gems that you can bring back to life at your favorite antique stores - go for a fun mismatched look!

Lune de Myel rings

Novel Vol.1 Ring

5. THE ethical love ring

Everything starts with, of course, the proposal and THE engagement ring! Our Lune de MYEL collection features a selection of love rings made from 14-karat Fairmined gold from Peru. It is a responsible and ethical gold that supports the local population and mine workers. Among other things, Fairmined gold guarantees safe working conditions, fair wages and prohibits child labour.

In addition, the chosen stones in the making of our MYEL love rings are 100% trackable. Here are some of the main ones : emeralds from Brazil, lab grown diamonds, sapphires from Australia. Proudly wear on your left finger a ring designed and handmade in Montreal with carefully chosen raw materials.


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