Behind the scenes of Antonia's workshop, Ceramic Artist

Behind the scenes of Antonia's workshop, Ceramic Artist

For Antonia Mappin-Kasirer, working with ceramics, modeling clay and giving it its shape is only part of the creative process. Seeing it in action, used by her loved ones, is where the piece takes on its meaning and comes true. A bit like when we see our jewels which were first drawn on paper, then modeled in 3D and handcrafted by talented jewelers, finally worn around the neck, wrist or on the fingers of our clients. When ceramics and jewelry meet, jewelry is no longer worn on the skin but arrives in delicate clay objects perfectly designed to welcome them. On the occasion of the collaboration between AMK and MYEL, meet the artist who has handcrafted in Quebec, the ideal pieces to deposit your jewelry.

Can you tell us in a few words what prompted you to get into ceramics?

I started a ceramic practice when I was studying art history at university. I spent my days writing on art objects in a theoretical way while being disconnected from their materiality: I therefore turned to clay to create myself. I am the fourth generation of women in my family to make ceramics and I am proud to continue this tradition.

What material and technique do you prefer to use to create?

I especially like to create on the tour. It is a technique that requires dexterity involving the whole body, it’s like dancing with clay

Antonia travaillant l'argile

poteries vue du haut

What is your favorite environment to settle down and create?

I had the chance to build a small pottery workshop in the Laurentians last year. Working with ceramics in the middle of the forest during a pandemic is something I probably would never have done in a different context, but it turned out to be an incredible opportunity. Even though life is gradually getting back to normal, my environment of choice for creating remains in nature. I also like to listen to the radio while I work. This allows me not to question what I'm doing too much and give way to instinct!

Which creation are you most proud of, and why?

I am especially proud of my creations when they are in use: for example, when I see my mother drinking from a cup that I made for her. While I was learning ceramics with Kinya Ishikawa, he told me that potters only do half of the creative work and that pieces take on their full meaning when used and loved by others. I often think of this idea of ​​sharing by object.

Antonia dans son atlier céramique vue du bas

How and where do you find inspiration to create your models?

I reflect on the usefulness of the object - where to put my rings before sleeping, on what to serve a dish to share with friends - and on our meeting with the object - how the shape accommodates the hand, the feeling of the enamel to the touch. Having spent a year living in the Laurentians, I was very inspired by the colours and textures that have surrounded me during the different seasons. Quebec has an absolutely fantastic community of ceramic artists. I am always inspired by the creations at the annual exhibition 1001 pots in Val-David.



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