Zodiac Taurus Necklace in Silver

Zodiac Taurus Necklace in Silver

160 CAD

As your life dawned, the stars, moon, and planets held counsel. The sterling silver zodiac pendant comes with an handcrafted medallion; on which an embossed symbol of your astrological sign sits on one side. The charm is surrounded by 24 settings, each of which can hold a small stone. Offer this personalized treasure as a gift or wear it with pride.

A real hedonist, you don't need much to be happy. Simple pleasures satisfy you, despite your weakness for luxury. As a foodie, you never say no to a refined meal in good company. You look for security and stability, and you crave comfort. Your determination and perseverance are remarkable, but you never take unjustified risks. You're often told you are stubborn - you are not easily swayed away from your ideas and opinions...even when you're wrong.

Add a stone of your choice to the medallion by selecting it here.

Alloy Sterling Silver
Dimension 18mm diameter
Clasp Lobster clasp
Chain 16", 18", 20" 

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