Zodiac Gemini Ring in Silver

Zodiac Gemini Ring in Silver

225 CAD

As your life dawned, the stars, moon, and planets held counsel. The sterling silver zodiac ring is adorned by an handcrafted medallion; on which an embossed symbol of your astrological sign sits. The medallion is surrounded by 24 settings, each of which can hold a small stone. Offer this personalized treasure as a gift or wear it with pride.

Vivacious and expressive, you love to chat. Your stories are always entertaining, despite being lengthy. Your communication skills are undeniable - you know how to capture and retain your audience's attention. We feel good in your presence, even when we first meet you. Your insatiable curiosity moves you to start conversations with and be genuinely interested in the people that cross your path. Adventurous, you dream of traveling the world and have your interests diversify according to your discoveries. Beware: by being unable to make up your mind, you risk alienating your friends and family.

Alloy Sterling Silver
Dimension 18mm diameter
Handmade in Montreal
Code BA109AR-3

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