MYEL by Myriam Elie

Necessity being the mother of invention, after the theft of her own jewellery, Myriam Elie began designing and making the beautiful ornaments that know such success today. Self-taught, she created new jewels from the inspiration of the ones that were lost. She learned to master the design techniques that became the many vehicles for expressing her passion for art, her fascination for the past, and the reminders of elements seen during her voyages, with style.

MYEL launched its first collection in 2013. Myriam's every jewel tells a story, simultaneously evoking a woman of the past and the present, and speaks elegantly of the journey of a citizen of the world, of the insatiable curiosity that inhabits her, and of an avowed passion for adventure.

Our Boutique

Bright, modern and sophisticated, the space reflects timelessness, as do the designer's creations. The marble floor, honeycomb tiles and slick symmetry of the jewelry displays echo notes of style that could remind us of inside a beehive. The simply refined decor accents the jewelry as would a museum that brings forward the artworks it carries. Visit us anytime on the charming Laurier avenue.

Boutique Myel 
1090 Avenue Laurier Ouest
Suite #200
Outremont, QC
H2V 2K8

The MYEL Philosophy

MYEL offers high-end jewelry designed, imagined, and handmade in Montreal, Canada. We use the highest quality materials, and work with the most reputable vendors in the industry. From polishing to setting, every artisan we employ is as detail-oriented as we are, and are always considered experts in their domain.

With a focus on important details and the all-important finishing touch, our designs are built to last and age well in an ever-evolving world of style. We strive to create the new classics of modern jewelry — luxurious, but without pretension. For us, a jewel is timeless, a precious heirloom that will be cherished from generation to generation.