The Designer

My name is Myriam, and I'm the designer and founder of MYEL, a Montreal-based jewellery company. Everything is made here - from the design to the production.
I studied business and arts at university, as I've always loved both. I dreamt for a long time of being a designer, but yet couldn't see the path that would lead me there.
While traveling in Europe, all my jewellery was stolen. As I wanted to recreate the pieces lost, I became interested in the fabrication process of jewellery.
Creating jewellery fast became a hobby! When I first move to Germany to live with my boyfriend, it was a way to bond with my mother-in-law - She didn't speak much English, and I didn't speak much German, but somehow we were able to create together...
From there, I enrolled in an intensive jewellery-making class. I made my first ring, and loved it! However, after seeing how arduous goldsmith really was, I decided to focus on the design aspects and surrounded myself with qualified people to produce what I was drawing.
MYEL is the combination of my first and last name (Myriam Elie). It's short, feminine, and I love its natural association to the symbolism of the bee, to the hard, minute work behind honeycombs. It is a beautiful, strong symbol celebrated by ancient cultures.
All my collections are inspired by the diversity of the people and countries I've visited or would love to visit. My wish is to share my passion through my creations!

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