Our Philosophy & Values

"A piece of jewelry gains value by having its story told. And every step of that history should be worthy of being told.”
Local Production
Our jewelry is designed and produced locally in Montreal. The brand’s founder, Myriam Elie, first sketches the collections in her studio on Laurier Avenue. Their production is then taken on by a team of goldsmiths that operate a human-scale family business where skills are passed down from one generation to the next. Some of the greatest jewelry stores in Canada also solicit their expertise – a token of their work’s quality and precision.
Ethical Materials
MYEL is a member of the Ethical Metalsmith Association, whose mission is the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible practices in the jewelry business. Our priority is to achieve 100% traceability for all of our products in the very near future. We are constantly searching for innovative solutions and trustworthy partners.
We use upcycled diamonds, to which we give a second life. In Quebec, we are also pioneers in the use of lab-grown diamonds. Ultimately, we believe choosing quality over quantity is THE most ecological choice there is. This is why we create high end jewelry, designed to stand the test of time.
We are not perfect, but we are perfectly transparent and honest. MYEL is committed to guiding you in your choice of jewelry by rigorously informing you of our practices (and their limits) and the certifications we hold. We are strongly opposed to the veneer of ecological responsibility. We strive to be irreproachable through constant efforts, and we are proud to share with you where we are at on the road to environmental responsibility.

Our Values

Be inspired by the unknown. Observe the familiar through new perspectives. Know how to identify unexpected opportunities. 
Define yourself through your uniqueness. Look for the natural and the true, within you and in your surroundings. 
Trust our products, and trust yourself when you wear them. Charge forward with confidence but remain open to change.
Let our knowledge and honesty guide you. Be an open book. Say things as they are, and be proud. 
Get out of your comfort zone. Think big. Go where no one else has dared to go, and savour your achievement.