The Myel Signature

“The MYEL signature is made up of explorations and experiences. While our focus is jewelry, our curiosity also leads us to completely different creative universes. The brand’s authenticity is rooted in that liberty.”

Spontaneous, delicate, audacious, MYEL creations distinguish themselves with their elegance. At MYEL, luxury has character and is expressed through contrasting textures, colours, and ideas. The architectural lines of the jewelry are carefully considered, but the inspiration behind each piece comes freely, and is the result of boundless, playful explorations. Whether real or imaginary, influences have varied sources – nature, myths, travels, artistic movements.
While MYEL takes interest in trends, it is mostly to understand their essence. It is worthwhile to revisit timeless styles, but being anchored in the present allows us to create the new classics. This is encapsulated in the objects we create and their future story. This is why each of our creations is made so that the person who wears it can appropriate its symbolic, and for this piece of MYEL jewelry to become a signature – a signature made up of the events, people, and memories that it evoke. MYEL jewelry can be worn every day, for milestone moments, forever.
In order to make some pieces even more unique, MYEL offers many options to personalize your jewelry. As such, the engagement rings of the Lune de MYEL collection can be produced with different alloys and stones, according to the client’s specifications. Engravings can also be added to a vast selection of pieces.

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