Our Team

"Our team makes our brand: Colleagues, Accomplices, and Allies. We are driven by the idea that excellence is achieved through collaboration. At MYEL, our passions and profiles come together around a shared ethical vision for the world of jewelry, and our larger quest to question all and make better."

Myriam Elie, founder and designer
Born into a passionate, entrepreneurial family, Myriam Elie founded MYEL with the wish to create a tailor-made career for herself. Being at the helm of her own project granted her the artistic liberty she aspired to, in a professional context she was enthused about. MYEL is the association of the first syllables of her name and surname.
Although jewelry is her vocation, Myriam loves discovering other creative universes, as they fuel her own creativity and ambition. She is equally impressed by the originality of a beautifully plated dish, the spectacular scenography of an exhibition, and the uniqueness of a DJ’s playlist. Her interests have no limits and her inspirations sometimes come from the most unexpected of places. She surrounds herself with people that have singular talents and career paths. Her friends, collaborators, employees, and mentors all have influenced the universe of MYEL in a particular way. 
The Craftsmen
The production of MYEL jewelry is ensured by a team goldsmiths in Montreal. A lot of the team members are family, and their skills and know-hows have been passed down from one generation to the next. Their reputation is rooted in their minute and impeccable work. With expert hands, some team members create the prototypes and sculpt the molds, while other are in charge of casting the metals and setting the stones. These partners are essential to the production of MYEL jewelry. 
The Collaborators
A brand lives through its products, but also through the images and the experiences it offers. To have the MYEL universe come to life, we collaborate with artists, stylists, photographers, filmmakers, artistic directors, graphic designers, copywriters, DJ, and interior designers. Not only do they put their outstanding talent to the service of our vision, they inspire us to push the boundaries of our creativity.