Jewelry made in Canada

Craftsmanship so typically Montreal.
At MYEL, every jewel is conceived, drawn and made by hand. For us, the concept of luxury involves attention to detail, the painstaking care taken at every stage of production and the concern paid to assembly.
From the first sketch to making the moulds, from casting the metals to final polishing, every MYEL jewel is imagined and created for you in Montreal, Quebec. MYEL employs craftspeople experienced in the quality demands of fine jewellery, who give particular attention to every step of the manufacturing of our products.
All our jewels are made of the finest quality materials: sterling silver (.925), yellow and pink 14K gold and all the stones used are natural gemstones.
We are very proud to offer you products made in Canada and sold all over the world.


The MYEL jewel pouch: essential for protecting your jewels. 

The small fabric pouch in which your MYEL jewels are delivered plays a very important role in preserving their beauty. Made of strong double-fleece cotton flannel, they are as practical as they are ethical. Indeed, the MYEL pouches are fashioned by seamstresses at  Petites Mains, a Montreal organization whose mission is to assist newly-arrived immigrant women in integrating socially and professionally.