Before placing your order for MYEL gold tooth jewelry - also called grillz - we ask you to carefully read the terms and disclaimers on this sheet.


The MYEL gold tooth jewel - the grillz - that you are going to order is a temporary accessory ONLY. It is not intended for dental care purposes. You should therefore REMOVE your grillz before eating, drinking, sleeping, smoking, vaping, or practicing any physical activity that may damage or dislodge the jewelry from its appropriate position and pose choking hazards. This accessory is reserved for adults over 18 years old. You must keep your grill out of the reach of children.

We, MYEL DESIGN, hereby disclaim any and all liabilities from any damage and / or injury caused by improper use of the tooth jewelry also called the grillz.


MYEL grillz are unique and custom-made pieces for specific orders. MYEL DESIGN warrants that all grillz are made out of 18k gold and that the diamonds used - if any - are lab-grown diamonds. Production and shipping times, if applicable, can vary between 3 and 5 weeks, depending on the geographic location of customers. All MYEL grillz sales are final: we do not accept refunds, returns or exchanges. However, you can have your grillz adjusted within 30 days of receipt if you need to.

It is strongly recommended that you clean your grillz and your teeth after each use. We strongly recommend that you have your teeth checked by a dentist before placing any order with us. If you have dental problems, it is strongly recommended not to wear a grillz and we invite you to consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Signing this document and making the dental impression deposit means you have read, understood and accepted all of the above terms and disclaimers.

MYEL DESIGN (date, name and signature)
The customer (date, name and signature)