The Designer

MYEL by Myriam Elie

Inspired by her travels, by the art and culture, and by the history of the many countries she has visited, Myriam Elie creates jewels as souvenirs of explorations past, from the shapes and patterns that have caught her eye over time. In fact, every journey is a way for her to discover what distinguishes us as human beings.

It was during such a voyage that MYEL was born, in Paris. Necessity being the mother of invention, after the theft of her own jewellery, Myriam Elie began designing and making the beautiful ornaments that know such success today. Self-taught, she created new jewels from the inspiration of the ones that were lost. She learned to master the design techniques that became the many vehicles for expressing her passion for art, her fascination for the past, and the reminders of elements seen during her voyages, with style.

The jewellery of days past, particularly the lovely treasures found in Frankfurt a few years ago, are also among the sources of inspiration she preserves to this day, to which are added architectural motifs and books of ancient art that allow her to create the modern and timeless jewels that are henceforth her signature.

MYEL launched her first collection in 2013. Myriam's every jewel tells a story, simultaneously evoking a woman of the past and the present, and speaks elegantly of the journey of a citizen of the world, of the insatiable curiosity that inhabits her, and of an avowed passion for adventure.