Our tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring

Your wedding is coming up? The moment has come to choose the band your spouse-to-be will place on your finger – the band that will remind you of this wonderful day forever.

Here are three things to consider to create an engagement ring and wedding band duo that is right for you, an authentic and one-of-a-kind combination you will be happy to wear every day!



Gold is one of the precious metals most used in the making of engagement rings and wedding bands. The different colours of gold each hold a particular symbolism. 
Forever a classic, yellow gold evokes light, luxury and eternity. White gold stands for discrete modernity and refinement. Rose gold is poetic and tender –for the romantics among us!
To reflect more than one aspect of your personality and relationship, juxtapose rings in different colours!


Our suggestion: the delicate, feminine and timeless duo of the Classic Open Ring in Yellow Gold and Simple band in Rose Gold.
Round, fine, large, sculptural, simple...there are so many types of settings to choose from when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands.
For a harmonious combination, choose styles that complete one another, and make each other shine!
Our suggestion: Harmonie Gold Ring and Classic Open Ring. The Harmonie’s diamond fits perfectly into the classic band.



Why not make it a trio? For parents among us, this addition of a third ring could symbolize the special bond you have with your children.
A trio of rings could also represent psychologist Robert Sternberg’s theory on love, which is the inspiration behind our Théorie Rings from the Lune de MYEL collection.
According to Sternberg, the three components of a romantic relationship are commitment, intimacy, and passion. It is entirely up to you to determine which ring corresponds to which component!
Our suggestion: A refined and meaningful trio. Théorie 2 Gold & Diamond Ring + Fine Gold Ring + Classic Open Ring in Yellow Gold