The perfect box to store your jewelry: MYEL x BOUQUET

The perfect box to store your jewelry: MYEL x BOUQUET

Myriam, Founder and Designer of MYEL, ethical jewelry, and Véro, Founder of BOUQUET, responsible leather goods, undoubtedly share a common passion: to create beautiful things and create them well. The two women entrepreneurs have decided to pool their talents to unveil a very special jewelry box this Autumn: handmade in genuine leather in the Montreal workshop of BOUQUET by Véro herself, the MYEL x BOUQUET bag is a sublime and delicate jewelry box designed to store your precious jewelry.
On this special occasion, the two women took part in the interview game and answered a few questions about their profession that they are passionate about!


Véro, Founder of BOUQUET

Myriam, Founder of MYEL

Can you tell us in a few words what pushed you to start your own business?

Véro: It was probably the desire to work for myself, to be in charge, that pushed me to start my own business.
Myriam: MYEL was created after my jewelry was stolen from my luggage at an airport. At first, the idea was to replace my own jewelry, but the project soon became a business idea. I wanted the freedom to create something that reflects who I am, as much for the aesthetics of the designs as for the values ​​of the company.

Which creation are you most proud of, and why?

V: One of the creations I am most proud of is the “Awning Bag” of CAPSULE 01 launched this summer.
M: I would say the Novel Vol. 2 ring is a model that I particularly like. The sizes and shades of Montana sapphires are all unique. Moreover, this is our first Fairmined gold ring and the difficulty of setting makes it very special!


Handcrafted in Montreal with top-quality leather from France, the jewelry bag is available in peacock blue and powder pink and can hold necklaces, bracelets, rings as well as earrings. 
bags in the workshop still life bags MYEL x BOUQUET


How and where do you find inspiration to create your leather goods / jewelry?

V: I find my inspiration a lot while walking, in the stores on St-Hubert Street for example or in thrift stores. A material, a print, a leather, a shape or a vintage bag... for me, seeing something just a few seconds is enough to trigger the whole creative process. Often times, I take pictures in "paparazzi" mode if I see someone wearing something that inspires me to remember them. Then I put these photos in a separate album and dig as much as needed. 
M: All over the place... be it vintage jewelry, sculptures, paintings, travel, my family and friends...

What do you think is the biggest obstacle you have encountered as an entrepreneur?

V: The biggest obstacle is undoubtedly the financial aspect! It's hard to take the business to the next level without a significant investment.
M: There are many challenges on a daily basis, whether it is resource management, customer service or employee recruitment. Obstacles are what keep me passionate and energized about my work.

What advice(s) would you like to have when you were younger? And what advice would you give to young women who want to launch their luxury or fashion brand?

V: Find a partner who has different strengths than yours!
M: I have had and continue to have great advice because I am fortunate to have an entrepreneurial father. I would say to young women who want to start a business, that having the right people, being patient and persevering are the keys to success for me.

And you, what would you put in this jewelry bag?

V: Not much, haha! I am a maximalist, I wear all my jewelry at the same time and I never take them off! All kidding aside, I would wear the Stratura ring, but with Ruby, my daughter's birthstone!
M: I would put in this jewelry bag the ones I wear every day that are: My Thin Theory ring with diamonds, my Open ring with diamonds, my off-center Solitaire Origins ring, my Zodiac pendant, my diamond studs, my medium thick hoops, my moon and star icon earrings, my Confetti bracelet.


pink bag myel bouquet


blue bag myel bouquet

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