The Meaning of the Gems Most Used by MYEL

Everything that surrounds us vibrates with energy. Following traditional medicine and beliefs, all gemstones are charged with energy that can impact our health, mood, and vitality. For some of us, these idea might seem esoteric – but we can still admit that simply looking at the gleaming colours of precious stones can spark feelings or memories we cannot be indifferent to.

The meaning of gems changes according to their physical properties and colours. Colours, used by marketing to influence our feelings towards a brand, are also important in Feng Shui, a Chinese science that uses them to create balance and harmony in a space. Warm colours such as red, orange, and yellow are symbolic of energy, vitality and strength, while cool tones such as blue and green represent calm and serenity.

Let us guide you through the beliefs associated with the gems most used by MYEL.



It is believed that diamond, April’s birthstone, absorbs and amplifies the thoughts of the one who wears it, while also enhancing its strengths and weaknesses. The word diamond comes from the Greek adamas, which means invincible. It is known for its unique capacity to refract light. Like most colourless gems, diamonds represent purity, knowledge, and spirituality. They convey softness, openness, and are a symbol of liberty, plenitude and accomplishment.

Double pavé ring with diamonds



Sapphire, which means blue in Greek and the most beautiful thing in Hebrew, is the second most resistant gemstone after diamond. September’s birthstone, it is known for its hypnotizing colour. However, sapphires can also be pink, bright yellow, pastel shades, and more. Champions of love, sapphires support unions and harmonize spirits. Promising honesty, loyalty, purity and trust, they are historically one of the most popular gems for engagement rings. They also are associated with the 16th year of marriage.

Cluster ring with sapphires Cluster ring with sapphires



A ruby is in fact a bright red sapphire. In India, it is considered the king of precious stones. It is even believed that it holds a sacred fire that burns for eternity, fuelling the ardor of the person who wears it. Amongst European royalty, it was believed that rubies brought health, wealth and success in love. We often encounter this gem in literature as a representation of power, authority and protection. The birthstone of July, it also symbolizes 35 years of marriage.

Halo ring with morganite and ruby

Halo ring with morganite and rubies 



Emerald is the birthstone of May. It is said that Cleopatra had a particular affection for this gem. Its green hue evokes spring – symbol of renewal – and encourages joyful relationships, romantic and otherwise. Believed to foster fertility, it also allows for truths to be revealed. Promoting inspiration and patience, this pure green stone is also believed to heal eyesight, and bring clarity and balance to the individual who wears it. One of the rarest gems, is it the symbol of 40 years of marriage.


An emerald ready to be put on a ring



Morganites, most often delicate prink, also come in shades of apricot and are reminiscent of the first rays of morning sun. They bring calm and positive energy to the person who wears them. This stone evokes charm, tenderness, and acceptation – thus fostering love, potential, and prosperity. Sometimes called pink emeralds, morganites are from the same mineral family as emeralds. Their pink hue is associated with controlled passion, peacefulness and appeasing energy. They also balances masculine and feminine energies and promote independence.

Pira with morganite and diamonds



The word spinel is derived from the Greek word for spark and the latin equivalent of thorn. For a long time, it was believed to be a ruby because of its bold red colour, although it comes in a vast array of hues. This gem holds virtues of protection, reconciliation, and helps mend sadness. Blue spinel symbolizes youth, communication, health and confidence. Pink spinel evokes energy, quiet strength, and fosters feelings of love and friendship. Lastly, black spinel is believed to cast away negative influences and protect its wearer against destabilizing elements.

Spinelles earrings

Spinels earrings available in store only



Tourmaline signifies the stone with a thousand colours or mixed stones. Egyptians once believed that this gem had passed through a rainbow on its way to Earth. Traditionally, some African and Australian shamans thought it had the power to illuminate life’s paths and bring positive change. Its vitreous transparency and mesmerizing shine is associated with a calming energy – neutralizing negative energies and countering symptoms of chronic fatigue. Tourmaline is October’s birthstone and the symbol of 52 years of marriage.

Tourmalines earrings

Stud earrings with tourmalines available in store only

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