Portrait of a marriage proposal: Noémie & Louis

This is a story of Louis' proposal to Noémie...


The location?

Naoshima island,Japan

"I knew I didn't want to propose at home in Montreal - I wanted to do it by the ocean. I kept the ring in my contact lenses case traveling to Japan, where I finally proposed to Noémie.

I was really nervous; I wanted to find the right words and remain authentic." -Louis


Her answer?


"I was so happy after having said yes! Everything became fuzzy around me. I’ve dreamt of this moment all my life, and I have to say that my ring is stunning!

Rituals are important to me. People no longer baptize their children, and marry less and less...There is something sacred, official about marriage that I find quite beautiful. My father remained by my mother's side through sickness, even after they were divorced. Marriage really does join two people for life." -Noémie


What does the ring look like?

Halo Diamond Ring

"I didn't want to propose in an overly traditional way - I didn't get on one knee - but I did choose a classic ring. I like the conservative, timeless, and pure aspect of the white diamond. It has proven itself. It has always been appreciated and will always be. It's a sure bet!

The ring is bespoke. I had it made by a jeweler I trusted entirely. The diamond was chosen according to my budget and was certified by a gemmologist."-Louis



Are you planning a traditional wedding?

"I will spend the night before the wedding at a hotel with my sister. However, I chose not to have traditional bridesmaids. My close friends will say a few words, but I didn't want them to all have to wear the same dress!" -Noémie



MYEL wishes all the best to the happily engaged couple!