Paris: Marion's must list

 At MYEL, Paris is a recurring topic of conversation. After all, Marion grew up there, Emmanuelle lived in the City of Light for a brief winter, and Myriam was inspired by its charm to create a collection. Paris truly is one of the most inspiring cities. As the world's fashion capital and city of museums, you never can see all it has to offer. 

Amongst infinite options, Marion shares her favorite spots to explore Paris as only a true Parisian can.  




Exploring Paris is synonymous with stopping multiple times a day at the table of a café, preferably on a terrace, to observe people go on about their lives. There is a café on (almost) every street corner, but here are Marion's suggestions.

1. La Grande Mosquée de Paris

Treat yourself to a massage and hammam at the Grande Mosquée de Paris. Complete your relaxation with a classic mint tea and gazelle horns. This Paris institution is what dreams are made of.

image source: The Taste of...Paris


2. Berthillon

Since 1954, the Berthillon family has been serving swoon-worthy ice cream and sorbet. Go for the classic pistachio, or more original combinations such as apricot/raspberry or pear/caramel. If ice cream isn't your thing, try their tearoom for a pastry and a steaming cup of tea.

Image Source: Buzzfeed


3. Neighborhood Cafés 

Walk around the different neighborhoods in search of the perfect café to sit quietly and observe the city's bustle. There are so many to choose from! There is nothing nicer than spending an entire Sunday afternoon sitting at a terrace with an espresso and a fresh croissant.




Parisians know a thing or two about food. Try local bakeries and typically French pubs - don't hesitate to venture beyond the touristy spots to find the gems, such as the Marais falafels.


1. Restaurant Le Derrière

In the heart of the Marais, Le Derrière will charm you with its eclectic, unpretentious decoration, speakeasy vibes, interior courtyard and delicious menu.

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Hokkaido

A few steps away from the Palais Royal, you'll find the best gyoza in Paris at Hokkaido. This tiny Japanese restaurant offers delicious gyoza and comforting soups.


3. Al Caratello

If you crave an Italian meal, head to El Caratello in the heart of Les Abbesses neighborhood for a wonderful yet affordable dinner. The owners have two other addresses in the area: Pizza Caratello and Picollo Caratello.


4. Les Cocottes

For a charming ambiance and a good meal, we suggest Les Cocottes, a few steps away from the Champ-de-Mars. In a contemporary space, this restaurant is a trendy take on the all-American dinner.

Image Source: The Fork

5. Bouillon Chartier

Bouillon Chartier has been a staple for Parisians and tourists alike for the past hundred years. A typically French brasserie, it offers a unique experience. Observe the incessant ballet of the waiting staff and enjoy French classics from start to finish. Marion has a soft spot for this institution, as she grew up in the building above.

Image Source: Bouillon Chartier



Enjoy cocktail hour and evening drinks by discovering Parisian bars. Between hidden rooftop terraces and small neighborhood bars, there is something for everyone.


1. Le Perchoir

For a cocktail with a panoramic view over Paris and the setting sun over Sacré-Coeur, head to Le Perchoir, a hidden bar on a rooftop. Don't be intimidated by the freight elevator you need to use to access this great bar - the view is well worth it, as is its welcoming decor and tapas menu. Note: Arrive early to secure a spot!

Image Source: The Tourist in Paris


2. Rosa Bonheur

With three locations - in the Buttes Chaumont neighborhood, on a barge near the Alexandre III Bridge or on their new houseboat in Port Bas - Le Rosa Bonheur is a typically Parisian open-air restaurant where the Camargue spirit reigns supreme. All locations offer tapas and pizza menus and many organized activities, in a charming and relaxed ambiance. Happiness guaranteed at Le Rosa Bonheur!

Image Source: The not so innocent abroad


3. Les Caves Populaires

For an affordable drink and charcuterie plate, head to Caves Populaires, a wine bar in the Batignolles neighborhood.


4. Le Rendez-Vous des Amis

For cocktail hour in the Montmartre area, Le Rendez-vous des Amis also offers affordable drinks and charcuteries plates, in a traditional Parisian ambiance. Sit at an outdoor table to watch the city move before you.



There is no shortage of wonderful, awe-inspiring sights in Paris. Instead of the same old classics, here are sights to behold off the beaten path.


1. The Gardens at the Palais Royal

2. Musée D'Orsay 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


3. The Jardin des Plantes 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


4. Place Dauphine 

Image Source: Smarter Paris


5. The Passage des Panoramas 

Image Source: Soundlandscapes


6. The Canal Saint-Martin  

Image Source: Discover Walks



The fashion capital of the world did not acquire its title by chance. Throughout the city, you'll find department stores, small local shops and secondhand stores waiting to be discovered. Here are Marion's favorites:


1. Friperie Épisode  

2. Chez Maman 

3. Stock Maje 

4. Brand Bazar 


Parisian life is enjoyed fully through its food, lifestyle, and dreamy sights. Send us your own Parisian suggestions or tell us about your experience of Marion's favorite Paris spots!


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