Behind every MYEL creation hides the devoted work of our passionate team of Montreal-based jewellers. Without them in our team, we would not be able to proudly present high-end jewelry collections entirely made in Montreal. We want to put the spotlight on these exceptional craftsmen that bring to life the jewelry you proudly wear.



The first portrait of this series is that of Joseph, our 3D designer, who transforms our designer’s designs into 3D models that will be used to create the molds used in production.


What’s your name?

Joseph Yabroudi"

What is your profession?

"I am a 3D jewelry designer, a 3D characters sculptor and a jeweler."


What is your team like?

I have a good team. Some of them work with me in my office and the others are professional jewelers."


What do you like most about your job?

I love three parts in my occupation,

1.  I love when my customers rely on me for taking the right decisions of making their special jewelry line and sharing our experience together to get any hard or easy project done.

2. I love when I work on my own phenomenal jewelry designs.

3. At the end, I would say that I love extremely when I do 3D sculpting of weird characters I feel that there is no limit to my ability of creating anything.

Finally, I can say all that would not be done without listening to my favorite blues music!"


Where are you from?

I am from Syria."


When did you arrive in Montreal?

I came to Montreal three years ago."


What’s your favorite place in Montreal?

"I like Old Montreal a lot."


Do you have any hidden talents?

I like racing and drifting cars. I also do photography and DJ in my spare time."