In the Jewelry Box of...Myriam Élie

Every jewelry box hides a history of its own and is filled with memories that let us see a glimpse of its owner’s personality. With its series “In the jewelry box of...» MYEL goes on a treasure hunt to discover exceptional women’s jewelry collections and the secrets they contain.


 Our designer, Myriam Élie, is the first one to let us into her jewelry box. Let’s see what secrets it encloses.



Tell us the story behind your jewelry box

“I found it at a Muji store during my latest vacations in Germany over the Christmas break. I was really happy because I had been looking for a pretty yet practical jewelry box for a really long time. I think it really fits my style also. It makes me think of the display cases we have in the MYEL shop with its pale grey velvet drawers and plexiglas exterior. I like that it has two separate drawers so I can store my rings and earrings together in one and my necklaces and bracelet in the other. However, I am going to need another soon, this one is getting pretty full.”


Have you always been a jewelry person?

“Yes. As long as I can remember, I have always worn a lot of jewelry  -at the same time-, mixing styles and sizes. I love to wear my mother’s jewelry just as much as vintage jewels I find in antique shops. In fact, I have always loved accessories in general, because I think they allow you to express your personality and your mood. In a way, I feel like jewelry can become an armor when you need it: they protect you, they give you courage.”



Do you have good memories associated with any jewelry?

“Yes, I just had identical necklaces made for my mother and my two sisters. These necklaces are a link between us and illustrate our family bond. The only variation between them is that they each have a different color of stone in the middle that reflect our personalities."


Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?

“My zodiac pendant is really my favorite piece because it means a lot to me.  I decided to put my birth stone, the ruby, in the middle of the rim and add blue sapphires all around it to remind me of water. Blue and red are my two favorite colors and I really see myself in a Cancer’s character: I am creative, close to my emotions and am a family-oriented person. I wear it proudly.”


Do you have a jewelry routine?

“I always pick my rings first and then I go all the way up: rings - bracelets (which I rarely wear) - necklaces and finally earrings. The ones I pick really depend on what I wear. When I wear a simpler outfit, I go for classic hoops. Most of the time, I wear stud earrings in my four holes. For my rings, I love to stack them and mix their styles.”



Do you have any jewelry that was given to you by your family and has special meaning?

“I used to have many, but they got stolen from me when I was travelling a few years back. It’s is one of the reasons why I started MYEL. But I remember a bracelet with my name on it that my grandmother gave me for my First Communion and a ring with my birth stone - the ruby - that was given to me by my godmother."


Do you have different jewels for different occasions?

“Not really. I don’t see some of my jewelry as day-time appropriate and other as night-time appropriate. I simply change up the way I mix them or wear fewer of them."


What are your favorite jewelry combinations?

“I like to mix necklaces together and wear multiple rings at the same time. I also like the effect created by wearing to different pairs of hoops together or two pairs with different overall shape.”




Every woman has her own jewelry routine and memories that come with it. And you, what is your jewelry routine?