How to Propose; Traditions you can Skip

Ready to pop the question? Below are 7 traditions you can eschew once the time comes.


1. He should be the one to propose

Traditionally, the man was the one to ask for the hand of his dearest. Nowadays, this tradition feels outdated.  As gender stereotypes tend to disappear, attitudes evolve and relationships rules get thrown out the window! No need to wait for Prince Charming to ask for your hand - in 2018, everyone can take the lead. Follow your heart and go for it!


2. An elaborate speech must precede "Will you marry me?"

A grand declaration like the ones in romantic movies is nice, but absolutely not necessary! If public speaking and rehearsed speeches are not your strong suit, better to avoid it altogether and opt for spontaneity! Sweet, heartfelt words are enough!


3. The engagement ring must be diamond 

It really is a matter of personal taste! If your partner prefers originality and is not one for classics, a ring set with colourful gems could be a great choice.  There are so many styles to choose from, for every budget. Looking for an understated band? Consider a white sapphire, a more affordable alternative to diamond.


4. You should first ask for your in-laws' blessing.

A good idea if you want to risk your in-laws ruining the surprise by announcing it on Facebook. #oops Your partner's parents will surely appreciate the gesture, but the only blessing you really need is that of your partner!


5. You need to get down on one knee

Kneeling is a symbol of loyalty and respect - but not all situations lend themselves to it! At the restaurant, in the ocean...if the environment you chose for the proposal is not appropriate for kneeling, don’t fret it!


6. The value of the engagement ring should represent 3 months of salary.

Not 3 months, nor 3 years - despite what Michael Scott might think. There are no rules in terms of budget. Your favourite person probably wouldn't want you to ruin yourself for a dream ring. It's the symbolism that counts!


7. The whole family should be there for the proposal

A proposal is personal and a moment that belongs to us - it should reflect our relationship. Some dream of an intimate proposal, others wish to include their loved ones in an elaborate production. Careful - our significant other could feel pressured to say yes if all eyes are on them.
In the end, authenticity is the key to a successful proposal! What is the perfect proposal to you?