HONEYMOON: get away from the resorts

Longing for a honeymoon as memorable as your love story? Trade the classic fancy resort bundle for one of these unconventional destinations!


1 - Road trip in the States


Who said you can’t find a little piece of heaven without leaving the continent? There are plenty of magnificent places worth discovering south of the border. Pack some provisions and fill the tank, adventure awaits! Add a challenge to the mix: play it old school and don’t rely on a GPS. This way, all your attention will be on your new surroundings and you will be more open to meeting locals along the way while asking for directions.

Whether you prefer the classic californian roadtrip on the Pacific Coast Highway or you decide to roam the north rim of the country from Yellowstone to Portland, you are assured a memorable trip.



2 - Climb the Kilimandjaro 

If you are the outdoors type of couple and braving the tallest mountains is one of your favorite weekend activities, this will bring your passion to the next level. The hiking trail leading to the summit of mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is no walk in the park. Several experienced adventurers turn around when the oxygen levels drop: at 5 800 meters of altitude, there is 50% less oxygen available than at sea level. However, if well prepared, you will reach the highest summit in Africa within 7 to 10 days. An unparalleled achievement to be reached with your better half! Your success will be the result of mutual support and cheering on.

Climbing mount Kilimandjaro can be done with a group or with a private guide. It is recommended to wait for the dry seasons to attempt the hike. Do not forget your camera; the sunsets and sundowns are apparently breathtaking.


 image source: Ultra Adventures


3 - Bike tourism in Croatia

In Eastern Europe, Croatia is renowned to charm with its magnificent sights, its crystalline waters and its enchanting islands. Enjoy the best sights on the sea by biking along the Adriatic sea coast. The ride is pretty smooth which mean you will be able to enjoy to its fullest the impressive scenery.  You will most likely be charmed by Trogir’s medieval architecture, Dubrovnik’s baroque monuments and Kvarner Gulf’s beaches. Croatia is also renowned for its nightlife and culinary scene. It pretty much possesses everything to assure a wonderfully romantic honeymoon trip.


 image source: Easy Voyage


4 - An Icelandic retreat

 Longing for a relaxing honeymoon? Book a retreat at the internationally acclaimed Blue Lagoon spa, specializing in sophisticated, relaxing treatments that will sure contribute to your newlywed glow. At Blue Lagoon, stress brought on by your daily routine will be a thing of the past. Everything breathes a relaxing vibe: from the beautiful volcanic scenery to the heat of the geothermal springs to the minimalist design of the cozy suites...No wonder many international stars are loving this retreat. We bet you will have a hard time leaving this relaxing cocoon of tranquility at the end of your stay!


 image source: Blue Lagoon

image source: Guide to Iceland


And what about you? What are your criteria for booking your honeymoon?