Our Commitment to Recycled Diamonds

At MYEL, we've always been very conscious of our ecological footprint when we create jewellery. As most of us know, the jewellery industry could benefit from greater transparency regulations. However, there are ways to create jewellery that is more eco-friendly, starting with the choice of materials. That's why MYEL is committed to entirely local jewellery - from design to production. We are also committed to using ethical stones such as Canadian diamonds, recycled diamonds, Montana sapphires and synthetic gems.



 image source: BBC


Despite their sparkle, diamonds don't always shine bright when it comes to their mining and origins. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to insure a diamond's origin and to make a responsible purchase as a consumer. As diamonds are timeless, and still one of the most coveted stones, it is difficult to imagine the diamond industry as we know it today coming to an end.

At MYEL, we strongly believe diamonds deserve a second life, as does all jewellery. Of course, recycling jewellery is not an entirely new phenomenon, as it's tradition for precious pieces to be passed down from one generation to the next. However, did you know that recycled diamonds are used in the creation of entirely new designs?


What Makes A Recycled Diamond Different?

"A recycled diamond is a perfectly standard diamond that is given a second life. In its first life, the diamond was mined, cut and polished, classified according to the four C's *, and introduced on the market. In its second life, it is recycled: it is removed from its original setting, classified once more according to the four C's, and put back on the market. "

- Claudie Bouchard, gemmologist

*Diamond's 4Cs are: Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat


A More Eco-Friendly Choice

Mining a new diamond is a process that requires a lot of resources. Choosing a recycled diamond prevents this taxing process to take place a second time. As such, it is a more eco-friendly choice. Moreover, there is no physical distinction between a recycled and new diamond. We simply give a second life to this eternal gem.


The Options

When it comes to recycled diamonds, many options are available:

1- Choosing vintage diamond jewellery at an antiquarian

2- Choosing a piece of diamond jewellery you no longer wear and bring it to a jeweller so the diamond can be removed from its setting, and used in a new design

3- Choosing a jeweller that uses recycled diamonds



Is It Possible To Trace A Diamond's Origin?

It is difficult to trace a diamond's origin unless it comes with authentication certificates. Only Canadian diamonds are recognizable since a serial number and, often, a small maple leaf is laser-engraved on the girdle. By removing an diamond from its original setting and using it in a new design, you will be certain to give a second life to the gem - an eco-friendly gesture in itself. 

To learn more about diamonds, read our interview with Gemmologist and Appraiser Claudie Bouchard.