Visual Artist: Interview with @gabbois

Visual Artist: Interview with @gabbois

Interesting discoveries can be made on social media - you just have to recognize the gems. Gab Bois is one of those rare finds.

On her Instagram account, @gabbois reinvents everyday objects by taking them out of their usual context. The result is striking, intriguing. Exuding an air of fantasy, her photographs are both original and troubling.

How did you start taking photographs?

I familiarized myself with the medium by being in front of the camera. By observing the people that surrounded me and being around people who worked in the industry, I became interested in getting behind the camera. I still don't consider myself a photographer, and it's not a title I necessarily aspire to. I simply enjoy giving shape to my ideas, be it through photography or other media.

What inspires you?

Everything - I'm always observing my surroundings. For better or for worse, everything can be a good source of distraction. Ideas and links between them usually emerge when I'm in class or when I go to bed. I always carry a notebook with me so I'm always ready when the inspiration strikes.

In what other ways do you express your creativity?

I draw a lot. I'm working on many illustration projects at the moment. It's a facet of my creativity I wish to develop further.

What is you favourite shape?

I quite like the symbolism attached to the circle, as it represents unity. Conversely, I also have a thing for odd, asymmetric shapes. 

What is the last book you read / film you saw?

Lying, by M. Blash, a film I bought on iTunes (I swear!) a few year ago when I became interested in Chloë Sevigny. It's very moody, definitely not action-packed! I re-watch it when I can't sleep - it soothes me and reminds me of summer.

What is your favourite Myel piece?

I love the Nectar collection, the Hydromel earrings particularly.