A Stay In Paradise

In February, I was lucky enough to spend a week in paradise. In the middle of the jungle, a few steps away from the beach, this paradise is the Costa Dulce Retreat in Nicaragua. I had never been to such a relaxing place before...where I was falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves - probably my favourite thing in the world. I was calm, happy, and serene.


Tyson, the owner, is originally from British Columbia and is married to a ravishing woman from Nicaragua. They now have the cutest baby, Teo. With his blond curls and golden skin, he will surely break some hearts! Tyson's mother and grandmother, two beautiful German ladies, also take part in the Retreat's activities.


"We strive to offer a sustainable touristic experience that improves the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the surrounding communities."
The ethos of Costa Dulce is very inspiring. Its team feels like a large, welcoming family. I met incredible people that I learnt a lot from. Every day, our yoga teachers guided us with passion and taught us new techniques that I will continue to practice.
A few themes were explored during the week.
Acceptation - live in the moment and enjoy the road to self-discovery
Stability - have more control over your self
Resilience - adapt and overcome difficulty more efficiently
Courage - be vulnerable, authentic, and without fear
One of the yoga sequences was quite special, as it focused on introspection and retrospection. I suggest you do it once every January for a fresh start in the new year!
Here is the sequence :
In the last year, what were the most significant events?
What were my most brilliant achievements?
Who helped me? Influenced me? Had an impact on my life?
What difficult moments was I able to overcome?
Who can I forgive? Who should I let go?
How did I take care of my body, mind, and heart?
Did I develop or change certain habits?
How can I improve after this experience?
What is my vision?
Did I develop self-love?