3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Secondhand Wedding Dress

The recycled diamonds that adorn our rings get to shine once more, and we believe wedding dresses should too. Unfortunately, most dresses end up in the back of a closet after having been worn for a few hours.


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Jewellery has a soul, and so does a wedding dress. It tells a story, sparks emotion and stirs feelings. It symbolized love on someone's special day! Why not give it a chance to do so once again? Below are three reasons for choosing a secondhand wedding dress.


1. Limit Your Environmental Impact

Limiting the environmental impact of your wedding day can prove difficult. Guests might not finish their plate; decor elements might not live beyond the party. If you have to heart to limit your impact on the planet, choosing a secondhand dress is a good way to honour your ecological commitment.

Knowing that 67,000 tons of textile end up in landfill each year, in Quebec alone*, buying a new dress you'll wear once becomes questionable.


2. Save on Costs

Weddings don't usually come cheap. The caterers, the rings, the flowers...costs add up very quickly. The dress is usually one of the most important expenses. According to a survey conducted by Weddingbells and Mariage Québec magazines**, people spend, on average, $1,700 for their dress.

Renting (between $250 and $750) or buying a secondhand dress (with a price tag sometimes equivalent to half the original one) will help you save a considerable amount. Your bank account will thank you!


3. Be Unique!

Your vintage dress might be a bit old, very old, or very very old - and that's what makes it charming! There is beauty in originality and difference. Your dress will be as unique as your love story!


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Where To Find Your Dress

1. Online

There are many websites dedicated to secondhand wedding dresses. If you are willing to forgo fittings, buying online allows you to expand your search beyond your area. There will be no borders you cannot cross!

You can also scan local classified ads online and Facebook groups that sell or rent wedding accessories - both might allow you to avoid delivery costs.

If you buy your dress directly from an individual, don't hesitate to ask for more photos or see the dress via FaceTime before meeting the seller in person. You will avoid useless back-and-forth, and unpleasant surprises!


Here's 3 recommendations for you:

  1. Pre Owned Wedding Dresses

  2. Still White

  3. Once Wed


2. In Shop

You will benefit from expert advice by shopping in vintage stores specializing in wedding dresses. Some wedding boutiques that sell new dresses also have a vintage or secondhand section - ask about it!


Here's 5 Montreal Shops to visit:

  1. Deuxième Édition, 5333 Casgrain street, Suite 617

  2. La petite robe noire, 4030 St-Ambroise street, Suite 234

  3. The Little Shop, 1002 Ogilvy street

  4. Empire de l’échange, 5225  Saint-Laurent blvd.

  5. Ruse Boutique, 5141 Saint-Laurent blvd.


3. In Grandma's Closet

Why not wear your sister's, mother's, or grandmother's wedding dress? It is meaningful and carries a wonderful heritage. With their blessing, you could even add your personal touch to it with a few alterations. Who knows, you too might offer it to the next generation!

image source: Once Wed 

We hope we inspired you to give a wedding dress a second happy ending, and wish you the greatest day at your wedding!




*Source: RECYC-QUÉBEC Study (2009)

**Source: Le coût d’un mariage, by Julie Saint-Hilaire for Desjardins.

cover image source: Temperley London